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Monday, September 9, 2013

Birding 101

by Sharon McInnes

You glance out the kitchen window to discover an unfamiliar bird perched in a tree in your backyard. Or you're walking along the beach and see a colourful dabbling duck you've never seen before happily paddling away, not ten feet away. Maybe you're driving down the highway when an unknown avian creature lands on a lamp post. (That's the worst. Talk about driving while distracted.)

Do you know how to find out who the enchanting stranger is? If not, check out my September Just for the Birds column about bird identification in The Flying Shingle. Just click here >

Then you can take the "Who Am I?" quiz ...

Hint: my initials are GBH

I'm probably a give-away. If not, did you notice my thick bill? 

Hint: Sharon took my photo at Queen's Park in New Westminster.
I'm a rare bird!

How'd you do??

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