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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Red-flanked Bluetail still in NW

For anyone headed for the mainland in the next while, the Red-flanked Bluetail is still at Queen's Park. I took a drive out (from Steveston, where I am visiting) and was thrilled to see him. Or is it her? This is my original photo.
Here is a cropped version - a little fuzzy but ...

Red-flanked Bluetail in Queen's Park Feb 27 2013.
Photo by Sharon McInnes

If you haven't heard about this bird yet, and are wondering why I'm excited about this, it's because this is a RARE BIRD from Asia. Since it was sighted on January 13, people from all over the continent have been making the trek up to New Westminster to see it. You can read more here: 
and here:

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