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Monday, November 26, 2012

Citrine Wagtail in Comox!

It's a once in a lifetime event for most birders - a VERY rare bird was seen and photographed by Jeremy Gatten on November 14 in Comox. And it was still there yesterday afternoon. See the bird and read all about it on Jeremy's blog post here:  Russell Canning also weighs in on his Rare Bird Alert site:

The sighting of the wagtail has been posted on the American Birding Association blog ( along with directions for how to get to the Comox location. I suspect some American birders will be making the trek. It's a rare opportunity (for those who do this) to add this species to their Life List without travelling abroad.  

According to The Backyard Bird and Nature Store in Nanaimo, "The Citrine Wagtail is a small songbird that breeds in north central Asia and winters in South and Southeast Asia. Until now there have been no confirmed sightings of the bird in Canada and only one other in North America, when it was spotted in Mississippi in 1992."

Pretty exciting news ... but I can't help but wonder what it's doing here?

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