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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Turkey in a hammock - and lots of other places too

At first I was enamoured of Gabriola's "wild" turkeys . ('Wild' is in quotation marks because I understand they are actually feral, not the true 'wild turkey'.) The first time a flock of nine visited our back yard, a couple of years ago, I ran for my camera, delighted, and took dozens of photos. I still have more photos of wild turkeys on my computer than of any other species.

Alas, the love affair has faded - mostly because of the amount of turkey poop they leave behind and the number of geraniums they eat. But I still like living on an island where wild turkeys so often rule the road - North Road, at least. And I admire their spunk. Whenever they fly over our fence for their early morning stroll through our garden, Dennis hauls himself out of bed, grabs a walking stick or an old broom - something to make him feel like the warrior he isn't - and shoos them back over the fence. But they're invariably back again the next day. Such persistence.

Here's to the turkeys!

Happy well-fed Gabriola turkeys.

Quite a specimen!

A whole lotta preenin' goin' on

Check out that plumage!

A wistful turkey hen?

Nap time!

What's a turkey gotta do around here to take a nap in peace?

Turkeys in the snow last winter

Up close & personal
 Got any Gabriola turkey stories you'd like to share?

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