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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hi. I'm Sharon from Gabriola Island, a gulf island off the coast of B.C. I’ve been living here since 2007 and writing a monthly bird column called Just for the Birds in one of our local newspapers, The Flying Shingle, for several years. I am not an ornithologist or a scientist of any kind. I'm just a person who became fascinated with wild birds after moving from the city to this lovely island. My limited knowledge comes from observation, reading, and talking with other people interested in the birds in their backyards.

Writing the Just for the Birds column allows me to combine two of my greatest passions: birds and writing. I appreciate, and usually learn from, the feedback I get from readers. But I’ve realized a monthly column isn’t quite enough any more. So much happens in between columns in the bird world, even in my own back yard! Thus, this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy and contribute.

(PS If you don't live on Gabriola, and would like to read my latest birding column, just go to, and scroll down to Columns until you see Just for the Birds. You can also view past columns under Archives on the same site.)


nick said...

You can't say you're "not a scientist of any kind". Science is about learning by observation. Before science became commandeered by industry in the 19th century, scientists were known as "natural philosophers". You definitely sound like one of those, and I rather prefer the title: "Gabriola, Isle of the arts and natural philosophy".

Sharon said...

A natural philosopher? I like that! Now, how to go about having "and natural philosophy" added to Gabriola's unofficial title ...